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In Knowing the Past, We can shape our future

This site is being created by the students of the LS 590 class in the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alabama in collaboration with the Air Force Historical Foundation.

View our posts for an in-depth look at the Air Force Historical Foundation Archives to include the “Hap” Arnold Collection and the 9/12 Oral History Project.

  • A young man sits for a portrait. The portrait shows the young man from the chest up and he is dressed in a military style uniform. The portrait is oval in shape and is affixed on a black background. The background has a stamp in the bottom right corner that reads "Pach, Photographer, 935 Broadway, New York."
  • Black and white photo of Henry Arnold standing in front of a plane on an airport runway. Arnold is dressed in a pilot's jumpsuit and years a helmet and flight goggles on his head.
  • A close up, black and white photo of General Arnold sitting in the open cockpit of a plane. Arnold wears a bomber jacket and a pilot's helmet and goggles. He is speaking into the hand-held radio microphone for the plane.
  • Black and white photo of General Arnold sitting in an airplane cockpit. Arnold is smiling and is wearing a leather jacket and wears an aviators helmet with goggles.
  • Man in old-fashion hospital faces the camera with his feet in the foreground. A uniformed soldier on the right on the photo looks down at him.
  • Black and white image of 6 men dressed in various styles of military uniforms. The men walk in front of a row of fighter planes with faces and sharp teeth painted on the noses of the planes. There is a note at the bottom that reads "Visiting Generals inspect equipment in China. L to R. Sir John Dill, B. Gen. C. Chennault, Lt. Gen. Arnold, Lt. Gen. J. Stillwell, B. Gen. C. Bissell, Col. C.D. Vincent. February 1943."
  • 5 men seated in the front, 13 men stand in a row behind. A tall hedge lines the background with a pyramid rising into the skyline in the distance.
  • Typed letter from Justice Harold H. Burton to General Arnold. Letter is on letterhead that reads "Supreme Court of the United States Washington, D.C." The letter itself reads: General H. H. Arnold Commanding General Army Air Forces Washington 25, D.C. My dear General: It is a long time since you sent me your cordial note of congratulations upon my appointment to this court. Your letter was one of those which I set aside in order that I might later send an especially personal reply. Your expression of confidence in me as I begin my new work is a source of encouragement. I am glad to have the opportunity which this offers me to take part in the needed demonstration that a self-governing, constitutional republic can meet the critical issues of our generation. I am glad to see your continuing leadership in the field of aviation and am particularly pleased to see the active part which you are taking in the National Aircraft Show to be held in Cleveland in January. I know no more important field of activity than that in which you are engaged. With personal and cordial regards, Yours sincerely, Harold Burton."
  • Black and white photograph of then Lieutenant Colonel sitting on top of a plane with his feet resting on the wing of the plane. Arnold is wearing a pilots jumpsuit and is wearing a pilot's helmet and goggles. The bottom of the photograph reads "Lieut. Col. H.H. Arnold, Air Corps.

Our thanks to the Air Force Historical Foundation for their materials and support. To learn more, visit the Foundation at

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